What’s your name?
Ellie  Jones
How  Old Are You?
20 and not happy about it
Your motto?
“Everything you can imagine is real.”
What do you do in life?
I stadybuisness administration at university and pretty much hate it
What’s your hobby?
Watching tv shows, blogging, drawing, making photos
What music do you listen?
Pretty much everything, huge Beatles fan, queen, the pretty reckless,  fun. Fall out boy, imagine dragons, maroon 5, AC/DC OneRepublic. Miley, Justin Timbarlake, Bruno mars foster the people, Florencia + the machine, lama Del Rey. Muse
What do you watch?
TV shows as I watch all genres and a bit more than the normal people do in tv show geek. And also movies are my thing too. I love comedies and drama a bit more, but I really love movies so freaking much can’t even express,
Favorite actors?
Male definatly James Dean I adore him and Female precious and flawless Audrey Hepburn. 
Fashion Icons?
As for designers it ill always be Alexander Lee McQueen, I particularly don’t have fashion icon but I love the style on the Olsen twins, Lily Collins, Gwen stefani, Miley Cyrus,  Katie Cassidy
Celebrity crushes?
Female -Amber Heard
Male – Jensen Ackles
Favorite color?
Red and black
Future Plans?
Move to New York,  be an actress, do my fashion line and take a movie.