Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016

Thank God for Marc Jacobs. Just when you were ready to give up on New York Fashion Week—its dull, derivative shows, the general lack of risk-taking, the freezing cold, the traffic!—along he comes and renews your faith. Tonight’s set, a spare white box with glossy white floorboards, wasn’t necessarily auspicious. But then came the ping of a bell, and a model’s shadow crossed the backdrop. From the first sight of her gothy black liner and lipstick, foot-high platforms, shrunken band-concert sweatshirt, crocheted doily collar, and full skirt ballooning above a crinoline, we knew we were in for a show. Sixty-five heavily embellished, manically layered, and mostly black looks later, including one on Lady Gaga, we were all pretty much floored.

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