Prada Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016

MIUCCIA PRADA gave us a very clever show this evening – it was a new way of dressing with all of your favourite clothes. It was her classic bad-taste-good-taste mash-up and with so much to wear, a magpie’s dream to dissect.

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The models looked like sticks of rock in their striped skirt suits and coats with a bit of space-age thrown in. It all felt so modern: gold lips and bauble Christmas decoration earrings that later morphed into jangling sequins that descended as epaulettes on the shoulders of dropped-waist dresses.

From cropped jackets to begin with and an emphasis on the skirt suit (from short to knee-length), it gained momentum – black net perched at the neck as though caught on this season’s Prada girl in a wind tunnel – a great styling detail. There were notes of Seventies wallpaper, a sense of the mid-century modern, of Tom Dixon furniture – it segued through the references yet managed to end up making sense of them all.

What might be hard to make sense of, however, is what to put at the top of your shopping list next season.


3 thoughts on “Prada Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016

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