Lady Gaga | Til It Happens To You by The Hunting Ground

One in five college women this year will be the victim of sexual assault. But Lady Gaga’s powerful new music video for her latest single, “Till It Happens to You,” is trying to change that.

The video begins with a warning that it contains graphic imagery. Presented by The Hunting Ground, a documentary released earlier this year exposing the alarming realities of college rape, the video shows the distressingly prevalent issue in a realistic light. It’s a situation that far too many college women are familiar with: A campus party turns into a nightmare with an act of sexual assault.

Written by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, the music video empowers survivors by encouraging them to come together, and reminding them they aren’t alone. Lady Gaga Tweeted that she wrote the song with Dianne Warren as a way to uplift and inspire solidarity.