Givenchy New York Fashion Week Spring 2016

Suzy Menkes Oh wow! What delusion! Flashing lights, music beats, figures that seem too dressed up for Halloween even writhing on hoods of cars or motorbikes mounted astride this park we see overgrown under the Williamsburg Bridge …

So is the idea of Riccardo Tisci, artistic director of the Parisian house, Givenchy: a party under the slogan: “I believe in the power of love” written in neon on the wall. A statement of intent to celebrate Tisci for Givenchy 10 years .

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We also got to see another side of Riccardo that day in New York, on a special date: the 11th of 9. As the sun beat down, the sad memory of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, wrote in high sewing. Soft music, outdoors, perched on the stairs with a set created from recycled materials models. Givenchy is the way to express your sweet thoughts about these sad moments of New York , on a pier in the Hudson River TriBeCa.

Tisci has made ​​a success of Givenchy by incorporation of hardcore street style to haute couture to hold a front row with all his friends. He has also embraced diversity both on the catwalk and the public with a rare enthusiasm. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian , royalty Fashion S.XXI, sat in the front row; she, with her ​​pregnant tummy visible through lace dress. The celebs most fans could not help but pay attention to the grandeur of this collection, with clothes for women and men.