Holland Roden in VVV Magazine September 2015 Issue

Holland Roden plays Lydia Martin in the hit series of MTV, Teen Wolf. Beautiful, witty and charming, Holland sit down and talk with VVV about their roles and influence in the new generation.

VVV: What made ​​you want to be an actress?
HR: At first it was just a hobby, doing student films. This opened a door to an obsession with soaking myself in stories and characters, which interpret for days, even weeks, in my head. I loved very found out it was something they should take seriously.

VVV: How were you discovered?
RH: I had just finished my freshman year in college here in Los Angeles, when a friend I had done some student films, introduced me to his agent. I signed with them that summer to see what was happening, and two months later, I was hired by HBO to 12 Miles of BadRoad. I was scheduled to do something inspired by Alexander Payne really was amazing start my career as well.

VVV: What do you enjoy most about your character in Teen Wolf?
HR: Now the action scenes are absolutely fun, but honestly I am grateful to every trip that my character went through.

VVV: Which director do you most enjoyed working? And why?
HR:! That’s a tough question Jennifer Lynch is a director that development aid who really pushes you. Teen Wolf is a very technical range to shoot, the camera crew is an integral part, then it is very fun and different to have a director who focuses on interpretation.

VVV: What social network do you like?
RH: Definitely, Instagram! It is the world’s photo album, and a wonderful guilty pleasure.

VVV: You have more than a million followers on instagram, it means that at least a dozen people you pass through the airport is following you. How do you feel?
HR: Haha! I am very grateful to have Teen Wolf fans so loyal.

VVV: This is important to achieve future projects and papers?
RH: Not sure, but in our tests they always seem to ask about how many followers have. I not necessarily agree with that, but I think that’s the reality of business.

VVV: What do you remember about your first kiss?
RH: It was perfect! I’m from Texas, so surely he played football. Quite like dream PeterBerg.

VVV: What is your favorite musician or band?
HR: Now I’m loving Jungle, Oh Wonder, Lola Marsh and Rufus sun.

VVV: What is your favorite tanning in Los Angeles?
HR: The restaurant Craig or Zinc. I think it’s not shameful to admit that you like restaurants that are fashionable. The decor and food make the place.

VVV: And lastly, if you have not acted, what would you be doing?
HR: Probably medicine, or something in Jane Goodall. I love animals!