Bob hair | Trend coming back

Recently more and more celebrities chopping their long locks and getting bob haircuts, maybe its upcoming summer hit or just trend come back.  So do u like it short or long?

Not everyone can rock a short hair, even if it’s not too short. I guess, for me long hair always meant more confident and cutting it been fun only for 2 hour than im instantly starting regretting it. Plus. we all know when you ask hair dresser to cut very little and they chop whole hair. …. to painful.

But if you feel confident and its fit you face shape bob haircut is very fashionista, here are some of my favorite celebs with recent bob hair:

my favorite is Jessica Alba. I mean she’d probably looked great even bold but new bob hair looks amazing on her.

Emma Stone look absolutely flawless in ginger bob hair


Sarah Hyland recently chopped hair long locks

Lily Collins went bob a while ago

When Vanessa Hudgens cut her crazy long hair i wasn’t very happy


Scarlett Johansson’s Black widow is one of my most favorite character and one of the reasons is that ginger bob hair

Karlie Kloss been rocking this hairstyle longer

Famous Jennifer Lawrence bob

So Bob or no bob? Let me know in comments