Victoria Justice For Byrdie Aprill 2015

In the hair and makeup chair, Justice is a lot like a kid in a candy store; she loves to play. “I’m really open to trying different beauty looks,” she told us. “I love taking risks and there are definitely days when I want to play with different colors in my hair, or days when I want to do a much shorter bob or even a pixie cut.” On set for her March Byrdie shoot, Justice welcomed a fresh-face look with a cool twist—think: a bold graphic eye and architectural ponytail. It’s fitting, considering she herself is embracing an edgier style as of late. “I always had to be conscious of that younger audience and couldn’t go too mature,” she says. “Now that I have a show on MTV, I am no longer part of that world as much. If I want to wear something that is low cut or show a little more skin, I embrace. I own it.”

The jump from tween star to grown-up actress is a move Justice had been preparing to make since she was 18. “I think doing Eye Candy was the perfect next step for me,” she says. “It was important after being on Nickelodeon for so long, and people seeing me as Lola on Zoey 101 and as Tory on Victorious, that I leave a new character in their mind. When I read the Eye Candy script, I loved that it was a thriller, that it was dark, gory, and very sexy all at the same time. I was really ready to take on a role like that.”

“When reading interesting scripts I have such an urge to bring that character to life,” Justice adds. She credits the unique roles that come her way for keeping her passionate about the industry. “I am also constantly inspired by people that I admire and respect and would love to work with one day. For example, I love David. O Russell. I think he’s an amazing director, and Cameron Crowe is another one. And then Julianne Moore. I think she’s an incredible actress, and I respect the choices she makes.”

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