Fashion illustrator Antonio Soares Interview (EXCLUSIVE)

Antonio Soares is one of my Fashion illustrators. His works are breathtaking, sophisticated and inspirational. Every little detail is Subtle. He has impressive technique using different textiles and colors and creating pieces of art. Also I couldn’t miss the body language of his models, showing edginess of the spirit of fashion. It’s unbelievably hard to imagine how much time it takes to create one piece.

antonio-3 (2)

(Luis Buchinho Fall 2013)

Antonio was born on July 4, 1973 In Portugal and currently he lives in Oporto, Porto, Portugal. He found a little time for me and answered a few questions about his life and career.

Could you tell about your way before becoming a fashion illustrator?
I took a degree on painting, illustration was for a long time one of the subjects I loved, since my childhood, when my mother brought amazing books beautifully illustrated I ended up to want to tell stories…

tumblr_mujxqhBI311qjq5r7o1_1280(Dolce Gabbana Fall 2013)

How did you end up being an illustrator, was it something you always wanted to be?
I end up doing illustration because people I knew asked me to illustrate for their own projects, that was not my intention to continue to do that, cause I was teaching, one of the things I like a lot!

Being a fashion illustrator is your main job or secondary?
Now it is my main Job, it was secondary but, I ended up without doing classes and commissioned illustrations start to appear, and I have to dedicate more to illustrate…. Cause I need to work. And of course I love illustration


 When did you realize that your illustrations were becoming more popular and inspirational?
It was not my goal, but i realize that was happening… internet is amazing on that and I am glad people like my work, it do means a lot !!

Are you planning to move from Portugal?
You never know what is the future…. But for now I really like my town; Oporto!!!

tumblr_mude2cURGW1qjq5r7o1_1280(Givenchy Fall 2013/14)

What are your favorite brands to illustrate?
It is hard to tell you all, there are amazing designers, some truly inspiring, it all depends on my mood at the moment, to choose colors, patterns, shape…..

What are your future plans?
I hope I still can do illustrations, commissioned works are very important to me, cause, after all they do pay my bills.

Hope to see more Antonio Soares works in the future.

If you like Antonio’s work and I bet you like ,  visit his official Tumblr page for more