My Favorite Things In 2014

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Well its almost new year, new adventures, new ups and downs, we are full of hopes that 2015 will be amazing.

Well 2014 was okay, i guess there was some things  i really love, here are my favorites of this year:

Lets start from TV show cause you’ll now I have serious addiction to them. Among the dozen shows I’ve watched this year my favorite is “The 100”. If you’ve not heard about it, it’s The CW post apocalypse show. it Set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity’s lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet. Excited already well let me tell you it gets better every episode. I swear i have weirdest relationship with this show, it’s painful to wait every Wednesday, I’ve never been disappointed in any episode. Currently Show is on xmas hiatus after mind blowing mid-season, that made a lot cry, well i did cry. I love the 100 because of several reasons beside a very interesting story line. First every woman in this show is bad ass, the main character Clarke, leader of the sky people it strongest character you’ll ever see, who doesn’t need man. But there is a man, Bellamy Blake, my fav, he was douche bag in the start , you may even hated him, but lets talk about character development, Bellamy is everyone big brother, he is adorable and in love with Clarke, ‘he doesn’t know it yet. There is lexa leader of the grounder, Abby chancellor of the sky people and Clarke’s mom, Raven mechanic of skypeople and Octavia Bellamy;s sister and all this ladies are strong , independent characters. As for other men: There is kane (Desmond from lost) he had some serious character development too from opposite to quite nice. Jaha ex-chancellor of Sky people, he is very loyal and kind, beside last 2 episodes, there are Monty and Jasper. Jasper is like big kid and his best friend Monty is quite a genus, i’d like to see him more though. Finn Collins is ladies man, in S1 he was peace maker, but in S2 he showed his bad sides and it got him in trouble, Lincoln is grounder who is in love with Octavia. Murphy current anti character.

PS i ship Bellarke so hard it hurts.

Plus the cast is adorable and they are active on twitter. So looking for a new show , than you already found it. Also this year is not exception so my all time favorite show still is Supernatural.


Clarke Griffin played by Eliza Taylor


Bellamy Blake played by Bob Morley

Monty Green played by Chris Larkin

Last year I saw a Kdrama. You know the proverb “Never say never” it quite right.I never thought I would fell in love with an Asian guys, but they are gouges. If you have never seen kdrama you have to see it. It most adorable and emotional thing ever. So my first drama was The heirs and I fell in love with Kim woo Bin and watched all his dramas :D. Fortunately dramas all have 20 or less episodes. My favorite kdrama of 2014 is “Birth of Beauty” its running currently, you didn’t think i have 1 fav drama this yeas did you? i also loved “dating no marriage” , “My love from another star” “Cunning Single Lady”


Favorite Asian actor of 2014 – Joo Sang-wook,   Favorite Asian actor of 2014 – Park Si-yeon

Favorite Movies – The Maze Runner, I origins, Lucy, Captain America 2, Amazing Spider man 2,, Veronica mars,  BLENDED,

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Favorite actress – Scarlet Johanson, Amber Heard

Favorite actor – Bob Morley, Jensen Ackles

Favorite band – Imagine Dragons

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Favorite song – Take me to the church (hozier)

Favorite model – Doutzen Kroes (obviously)

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What your favorite in 2014? Let me know in comments

Happy Holidays!

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