Moschino Spring 2015 Milan Fashion Week

Once you navigated the humming swarm of crushing human bodies crowding the entrance to the Moschino spring 2015 show (which, hundreds strong, swelled like a tidal wave into the avenue, impeding traffic both vehicular and foot), there was a Barbie doll atop every seat in the front row. She was blonde and busty (and wearing the first look of Jeremy Scott’s collection, by the way, from the hot-rolled blonde hair to the hot pink cropped moto jacket and skirt) with a wide smile and a box that proclaimed her “The Most Moschino Barbie Doll Ever!” And you know, that’s probably right.

The collection picked up where Scott’s fall 2014, a McDonald’s-red-and-yellow celebration of junk food, left off: Today’s show was a procession of the eighties excess that’s perhaps most synonymous with its plastic poster girl, an era in which, for some circles, looking “fake” was a compliment. The gang was all there, from Let’s Get Physical Barbie, in a baby pink branded sweatsuit, replete with matching (branded!) hand weights to Business Lunch Barbie, in a diamanté studded knit skirt suit (slightly deeper pink). There was Fly Girl Barbie, in denim hot pants and a teeny matching vest, hoisting a boom box tote. There was Poolside Barbie, in a diamanté studded terrycloth towel dress and turban. There was even a Bikinied Barbie on roller skates.

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But enough about the clothes: It’s the accessories that we fully expect to see—those swinging iPhone cases and daisy-colored leather bucket bags, loudly lettered belts and thick pastel plastic-chain belts, pool float–inspired handbags, and gilded everythings—hanging from every available inch of the young London set looking to liven up their look or catch a street-style photographer’s eye. (And to that end, an email blast went out shortly after the show concluded announcing the impending arrival of Scott’s pink mirror iPhone case, pink-and-black logoed backpacks, and a pink leather cross-body bag shaped like a motorcycle jacket in stores this weekend.) It’s that electric, sugary shock that Scott’s fans come to him for again and again, and why not? After all, Barbie was always the girl having the most fun.


Source: VOGUE