Back to school looks

So summer is slowly flipping away and holidays are getting to the end, but don’t get sad cause the best season is coming…. Well, at least for me, I love Fall! First of all its leather time and I have really close and “romantic” relationship with leather. 😀 Also put flip flops away and bring the boots in game and sneakers. What I love about fall, besides that it’s super beautiful, it’s not there cold nor hot, so you can rock boots as well as sneakers and on a rainy day some rain boots. Also tshirts and shorts with cardigans work great, time to brag about, and show off your cardigans. My personal favorite item is leather jackets, I absolutely love them and not only black ones, I love my blue jacket, kinda wanting brown one, hopefully will buy that one. Accessories – you can wear so many of them, first of all scarfs and beanies, maybe some cut out gloves, and jewelry. In the Fall you can put a lot of things and show them off and it doesn’t seem cheap.
Okay, so a lot of us are going back to school, college or university, yea, I know it sucks but lets admit new wardrobe items makes this period much easier. So what we’re going to need the most…. A bag. My fav thing after shoes. At this point I’m having a thing for backpacks, they look great and are functional. I never like those school backpacks with hideous colors and material, but now there are so many opportunities to buy a proper fashion backpack.

As to room decor or makeover and for cute school supplies go to YouTube, there is a bunch of helpful and interesting DIYs and tips how to prepare for new school year. 

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