Overalls Are Back!

As you may have already noticed overalls are making their big comeback. Overalls were a popular fashion fad in the 1990’s. You may see them in almost every hip hop music video of that period. For a while they just disappeared from the fashion industry, The reason, I guess was that they are too lousy and it’s hard to rock in them and it’s hard not to look like a kid next door. Mostly they are made of denim, but for me leather ones are the best, well for me everything made of leather is better, but that’s not the point. Now days overalls slowly coming back, you can see celebrities and model wearing them on the street and even on public appearances. They look quite awesome if wear correctly and always chose the trendy ones, not to look like a kid from the 90s (Noting against 90s I’m a 90s kid by myself). Here are some tips how to wear overalls this season.