Pink Hair: Yeap or Nope?

Personally am into pink hair, I love it. It’s so new and bit gothic. Well, I’d rather not where it whole year, but for a change its a pretty good idea. unforunartly I don’t think it will fit my hair 😦 but if you can work it go girl. It’s 2014 and everything is about colored hair, an least don’t try too much.

It’s also is very trendy, a lot of models are rocking pinky hair or extensions, also pink ombre looks quite awesome, if you ask me. if you don’t want to damage you hair by dying it , you can always go with hair chalk, which it very trendy as well.

Pop out pink may look very unnatural, so I like pastel pink better. And it’s remind me anime, who doesn’t love anime, SERIOUSLY? those big eyes and colorful hair girls,

Plus it’s summer best time to put pink in the hair.

here are some photo how to rock pink hair:




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