Top 10 favorite Runway Shows By Alexander McQueen

As you know Lee Alexander McQueen is my all time favorite designer and fashion icon. His work was different and edgy and provocative. Not once called the Genius of fashion Industry among his incredible garments always knew how to make a show. His runways were everything but boring. Here are 10 shows that in my opinion are amazing, revolutionary and crazy!

Starting from 1990s, I’d like to pick a show “#13”. Even through its 20 century I’d wear those garments and it was one of the best made shows in fashion history, with an incredible ending –  the model Shalom Harlow rotating on a turntable, wearing a white dress, being sprayed by machines. A lot of garments from the show were included in Savage Beauty exhibition.

Voss  2001 one of the famous shows by McQueen. The audience sat around a mirrored cube, while models were walking down in the cube and siting on coaches. 

“It’s only a game” –  in 2005 McQueen put his models on a huge Chess Board and played a game. It was fascinating and impressive.

n 2005, after photos were released of supermodel Kate Moss doing cocaine, she quickly lost major contracts, including Chanel and Burberry. Her biggest supporter, however, was McQueen, who ever wore a shirt that said “We Love You Kate” during his Spring 2006 runway walk “Neptune”

in 2006 designer made a show “Widows of Culloden”, At the end of the show there were huge hologram of Kate Moss blinding in the wind. Among that the collection was amazing and a lot of peaces went straight to Savge Beauty Exebition.

La Dame Bleue was a tribute McQueen made in 2008  for his dear friend Isabella Blow who died in 2007

The Girl Who Lived in The Tree  – 2008 McQueen put models around the huge tree and Show one of his best garments, personally i love this looks so much. Just pure perfection.

In 2009 Designer made one of the most famous show “The Horn of Plenty ”  different look, oversized lips and power.

The Last Show Before his death was “Plato’s Atlantis” in 2010. McQueen indeed loved working with machines. The show was themed by space, and his famous shows were fist time featured on this runway lately they become very popular. There were amazing patters collaborating space and reality and this huge machine capturing the audience.

One month after his death, his last work has been shown “Angels and demons”. As you can see every part, every detail in every look is perfect, all looks are amazing sophisticated and gouges.

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen