We’ve known Joe Jonas, in passing, for a while–so when we ran into him on Spring Street a couple of months ago and asked, “Hey man, when are we gonna get you in the magazine?” it was pretty casual but we weren’t joking. The run-in on the street led to a great dinner with the brothers three, which led to us convincing Joe to take a day off and hang out with us.

We’re sincerely excited to have our good buddy in this new issue of NYLON Guys. However it is that you may know of Joe, or if you don’t know him well, there’s no better time to become acquainted with this dude. He’s got an incredible sense of humor, hours of amazing stories, an impeccable sense of style, and with all of the change happening since we ran into him on the street a few months ago, we’re more stoked for him than ever.


His style as a kid:
“I had a bowl cut for years, and glasses. When Harry Potter became famous, I looked just like him.”

Fan encounters:
“I don’t mind when people come up to me when I’m eating food. I’m not the kind of person that’s like, ‘Excuse me let me finish my lasagna.’”

Making new music:
“I’ve been reaching out to a lot of musicians and producers that I would like to work with. I don’t really know way the music is going to sound like, but I can tell you what I like–hip-hop, indie, dance music, pop.” -He cites Pharrell and Phantogram as his favorite acts.a